Thursday, July 23, 2009

Return of Dora

OK, I'm updating this blog anyway, because this post belongs here.

Looking back to the 'Dora the Explorer' post, you'll see that Katrina has seen a fair amount of our great country from the back of a Harley over the years. Aside from most of eastern PA, she had been to NJ, MD, DE, WV, VA, and DC on the bike, and we've had a great time doing it. It had been a while since we've done a long ride, though, and I haven't been pushing it because thought she outgrew it, and I know from being a kid myself that it can get pretty monotonous back there.

So, imagine my surprise when she complained the other day that we haven't done it in forever and she outgrew all her H-D dealer shirts! And the timing was perfect - I'm on vacation and have her all week. So...

Off to Danbury, CT we go! We got a pretty late start for a ride of this length (imagine that) so we blew through NJ on the interstate to cover some ground, and then ended up retracing 287 again on the way home for the same reason. This, immediately before sitting in rush hour traffic on I-80 W due to some poor decision making on my part (it was already after 6...)

In between, though, we saw lots of nice countryside in upstate NY and western CT. Use the Photo Albums link at right to see the pix And, we got to experience Stew Leonard's -The World's Largest Dairy Store - in Danbury. It was, well, an experience. Like a hokey Wegmans but with animatronic animals throughout. And, the whole store was a maze. You had to walk past every item to get out!

Trina was disappointed that we didn't hit any real traffic circles in NJ, and I'd forgotten my EZ-Pass, so I took her across the free bridge and through Center Square in Easton on the way home. We had time for a Rita's stop in Hellertown, and got the bike parked about 5 mins before it started to drizzle and 15 mins before it got dark. 320+ warm, dry miles in all, and probably Katrina's longest single day in the saddle yet.

God, I love my kid!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Thanks for the Memories

With the change of calendars this year, came a major change in my life as well. As a page is turned in my own story, so shall it be with my road diary. My travels are now recorded elsewhere, on a blog that is shared -just as are the journeys themselves. I may decide to maintain this page as a personal outlet, but it just seems like this isn't the place to document my exploits anymore. See you on the road...