Monday, September 01, 2008

Zanesville, OH

We're not much further down the road than we were this morning. Most of the day was spent at the Air Force museum there, which is, frankly, incredible. We rushed through it in 6 hours and missed 75% of it. It is truly amazing.

We rode another 125 miles of I-70 afterward, with Columbus about in the middle of that. Mom & Dad were at the hotel here when we pulled up, so we're back to 5 bikes at least for the time being. My mood is considerably improved today, and tomorrow we're off the interstate again so hopefully I'll be back in the swing. I was going to describe the Milwaukee experience in greater detail tonight, but we're out here in the parking lot looking at pictures and emptying out the community cooler so I think my work here is done for now.

We have about 1,800 miles in so far, and are closing in on the home stretch.

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Lisa said...

Glad you're having a nice ride home. There was a little note in my suitcase that it was "chosen" to be inspected. My aerosol sunscreen emptied itself out all inside my suitcase. It was in a ziploc bag, but we know how efficient those are. 6 hours in a museum! God bless your wife. She must be a saint.