Sunday, August 31, 2008

Headin' Home

This still sucks. Our 9-bike caravan on the way out has split up and gone separate ways, different plans having left only 4 of us heading home together. The fun has passed, and today was spent doing nothing more than gobbling up miles of interstate. Fuel the bike, get her up in high gear and just let it roll. Burn it all back off, and stop for more. Rinse, lather, repeat.

It's been a gorgeous day, but I just can't shake the grays. We made it all the way from Milwaukee to Dayton, Ohio - 380+ miles. Maybe tomorrow will be better. We're spending most of the day at the Air Force museum and will be out early enough to have a few beers and maybe kick the enjoyment factor back up a little.


Scoop said...

Lisa and I left our group yesterday morning for our flight home. It was fun watching all the Harley people at the airport carrying their helmets and riding gear.

A great big thanks to Kevin and Gary for planning the road trip. I know Jay is having a fantastic time.

While in Milwaukee, it was great fun hanging out with the gang and exploring the city on foot and by bike.

Be sure to check out the blog on by my friend, Ricky Robertson. I posted some photos on the HOG website which should go up in a couple of days.

Ride home safely......scoop

Anonymous said...

Where R U? We left Milwaukee on sunday afternoon and headed for Zanesville. We did fine except we lost a passenger footpeg on the Chicago Skyway, met up with some Long Island and NYC members, spent the night somewhere in rural Indiana (Amish aera) and noe we are waiting in the Best Western in Zanesville. Hope it's the right motel........ Jakewood