Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Dixie Highway Tour

This morning we left Madison, IN and hopped right over the bridge into Kentucky, where we spent most of the day. We rode down through Louisville, then caught the Dixie Highway south to Fort Knox. We saw the repository where the gold is held (nobody goes inside without an order from the President) then turned east to Clermont to see where my Jim Beam comes from. All of Happy Hollow smells like whiskey whenever the wind gets the air moving.

We left under an iffy forecast, but it wasn't until we were nearing Cincinnati that we got hit with weather. We had stopped for gas and a sack of White Castles, and when we came back out it was looking a lot like our luck was running out. Sure enough, we didn't even get to the next exit when it started to spit. I hurried off and we ducked under a gas station canopy to suit up. By the time I had finished, a wicked thunderstorm was crashing around us with winds that almost knocked the bikes off their kickstands. Nobody was riding anywhere.

We left as it died down. Within 5 more minutes, it had stopped. We rode on wet roads into Cincinnati, and ended up again on the Dixie Highway. We had actually ridden on the Dixie Highway almost a week ago northwest of Detroit and I was amazed that it not only went all the way to Detroit, but continued. Now I can't get away from it.

We rode on for another hour and a half or so out of Cincy, spending most of our time riding on roads just rained on but never actually getting rained on ourselves. I decided to quit pushing my luck here in Washington Court House, OH and found a motel. It's pouring buckets right now.

Tomorrow's forecast is more of the same. We got on Rt. 22 where it starts in Cincinnati, and will more or less follow it all the way back to Allentown with just couple more distractions. We're blowing off the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum tomorrow so that we can finish catching up to schedule. We have one more night on the road.

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