Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Catch-Up Post

Since the last post, I have:

1) Explored Detroit
2) Spent 4 days camping at the drag races
3) Spent a day at Cedar Point riding the roller coasters
4) Had my blog hijacked, and
5) Ridden to Madison, IN

Dettroit was extremely cool and eerily... vacant, I guess you would say. Entire blocks of grass with no homes, or parking lots, or anything right in the middle of a big city. Neat place, though, and we never had the feeling of being in danger.

The drag races were awesome. You can get a pound of ice cream for a dollar, and they give you a free one with your tickets! We camped inside the actual fence and had pretty much free run of the pit area with our motorcycles, which is unheard of.

Cedar point must be nirvana for roller coaster junkies. I took Kristi, who would be my niece if my brother in law married his girlfriend. We rode Top Thrill Dragster twice. It is a powered launch that sends you to 120 mph in 4 seconds, then arcs to a vertical climb of 420 feet and straight back down. Crazy. Despite that, we may have made the wrong choice. The rest of the gang stayed at the track to see if there was any testing going on, and ended up with access to all the restricted areas while the cars were making runs. They got an experience that you can't get for all the asking in the world, and have the pictures to prove it. Great weekend all the way around.

Today we tore down camp and hi-tailed it out of there. We got a late start, which got us into some holiday rush hour traffic skirting Cincinnati. We crossed into Indiana there, and spent the next 2 hours going maybe 50 miles. That means we're behind the 8-ball for tomorrow already. I did get laundry done, but aggravated the hell out of myself and broke my $130 riding glasses in the process. Snapped the arm right in half. They will stay on my head, though. They are self-tinting, so I definitely need to keep them for nighttime use as I did tonight.

Tomorrow we are shooting for Kentucky, then turning for home.

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