Monday, May 29, 2006

Dora the Explorer

OK, we wouldn't have named the kid Dora even if we had known, but Katrina is turning out to be quite the explorer. We love road trips; she's been as far as Florida in the car, and is racking up some serious miles behind Dad on the bike now that she's getting older. On Saturday, we added Virginia and West Virginia to the list of states she's ridden to, and also DC on Sunday, although we didn't get a "welcome" photo. This was far enough to be an overnighter, and our stop was Frederick, MD.

In PA Dutch country, we waved to the horse and buggy drivers, then had our lunch delivered to us by a girl on roller skates. We had never seen a Sonic before, and Katrina picks the stops when we ride. Pretty cool, except Dad was EXTREMELY disappointed to learn that nobody goes inside the store, and there are no restrooms! We then rode past the H-D factory in York, and past a dozen thoroughbred farms on the backroads of western Maryland. After checking in and taking a little break, we decided to shoot for West Virginia. Funny thing about these pictures; you never know what conditions you'll find when you take them. Our picture from Maryland last summer is on a peaceful road with an apron that was wide enough to have a picnic. Here, we're sandwiched between a busy US highway and the banks of the Potomac River, camera staring into the sun. The photo at the bottom is framed to exclude the NO PARKING sign just to the right of the shot :-) Interestingly, we learned that Memorial Day weekend must be National Yard Sale Week. We saw, without exaggeration, at least 20 of them. Katrina's inner shopper must have died a thousand deaths knowing we couldn't fit anything else on the bike with us even if we wanted to. Poor kid...

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