Monday, May 29, 2006

All Gave Some. Some Gave All.

In the previous post, you read that our Memorial Day weekend excursion included Washington, DC. That visit to our nation's capitol was the real reason for our trip --to join a half-million of our closest friends in honoring those who put their lives on the line for the freedom we sometimes take for granted. Rolling Thunder is a demonstration organized by vets to draw attention to the thousands left behind in Vietnam, remaining in POW or MIA status to this day. Over 20 years, it has evolved into a gathering of riders whose numbers total, depending on who you listen to, between 350 and 750 thousand. In the group photo, you can see a pedestrian bridge to the right behind all the bikes, rising to treetop level. We are parked 2 lots beyond that bridge, and only because we were able to sneak forward one lot during the day. We finally moved out from the Pentagon staging area about 2-1/2 hours after the noon parade start.

If I remember my frame of mind in 7th grade correctly, I'd say that a large part of it may have been lost on Katrina. Still, I think the spirit of the day and the staggering number of names etched into that granite wall will leave a lasting impression on her, as it does to me. While I'm neither a veteran, nor an activist, I am an American and I respect what that means.

Freedom isn't free.

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