Thursday, June 15, 2006

And Now, For My Next Trick

Just when you thought the fun was over...

Come back Monday and see how this weekend goes. This Saturday, Jim (pictured) and I are leading a club ride into Manhattan. We had done this ourselves last year and didn't get killed, so we thought we'd invite the gang and do it again. I looked up the NYC chapter and recruited some help (Yo, Vinnie!) but people are really coming out of the woodwork for this and I was starting to get a little stressed. Herding 30-some bikes through Manhattan promises to be tough enough when you know all the people you're doing it with. Throw in a bunch of people who have never ridden with us, and it could get pretty interesting.

Vinnie says they've done this plenty of times, though, and if they can get people from England through the city intact, we shouldn't have a problem. He's bringing a bunch of his gang to look out for us, and after everything I went through last week, I'm really not too worried about it anymore.

Famous last words...

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