Friday, June 23, 2006

Thanks For Stopping By

This pretty much ends my motorcycle adventures for the foreseeable future. I somehow made it through the last month without ending up in divorce court, and as I like to say, I'm brave, but I ain't stupid. In an extended summer engagement, my face will be shown exclusively at home while I catch up on my honey-do list and my own responsibilities that have been building up for so long (Welcome to KevCo, home of the 8,000 mile oil change.)

This, then, also pretty much ends the regular blog updates. As fun as this was, blogging is kind of a girlie thing, number one, and number two, with precious few exceptions, most blogs end up being either gossip, ranting, or incredibly boring drivel. I'm not real big on either gossip or ranting, and my life is no less boring than anybody else's for 50 weeks out of the year. So, I'd say if you liked the road trip story, check back next year and see if I'm going anywhere. (We have a very tentative idea so far.) I might throw something up here in the meantime if it's really noteworthy, but otherwise, hey, it's been real.

Hope y'all enjoyed the ride!


FWandR said...

so OK who's the pik of?????

KK said...

I think it looks like Lee Iacocca, doesn't it? I just needed an old guy in a rocking chair and that's what I found on the web.