Sunday, June 11, 2006

Heading Home

Saturday morning, and I'd planned to get home tonight for a day of relaxation Sunday. It will be another long day, but I'm accustomed to that by now. Besides, I have to get home today: I used the last of my toothpaste this morning!

All I can say about today is that it was fun spending it with Mom & Dad, and that the scenery is absolutely stunning. I could have filled 100 pages with postcard photos. It's tricky to sneak a peek and keep yourself on the road, so we pulled into lots of overlooks and idled past a few more. Yesterday, I was disappointed getting back on the Parkway, but things quickly improved today and reached a nice happy medium. Fun to ride, but not overly tedious, and breathtaking views around every bend. I cannot recommend enough that you take this drive yourself one day, whether by car or whatever. It's gorgeous.

We reached the end in Front Royal, Virginia around 5:30 and gassed up for the remaining 225 miles of interstate. It was still windy as hell down here, and we were getting blown all over the place. In my mirror, I saw Dad's big Ultra Classic swap lanes once or twice, and I was fighting pretty hard at times as well.

Things calmed down soon after we entered PA, and after a quick food stop, we were one more gas stop from home. We got to Coplay around 10 under the light of the full moon, and Mom and Dad split off onto Third Street.

I unpacked the pint of whiskey first. It had travelled 3399 miles in 9 days, (but not the 8 miles on the flatbed truck), through rain, sun, cold and heat, swamps, beaches, and mountain ridges, through big cities and a hundred one-horse towns. I opened it up, and there was just enough left to toast myself on another successful journey. It's good to be home.

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