Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gettin' My Kicks

Here we are in Joliet, IL, about 150 miles up Rt 66 from where we picked it up this morning in Lincoln, and about 40 miles from the end in Chicago. What a cool time today poking along leisurely and finding all sorts of remnants from the abandoned route. And the weather was even better than yesterday; crystal clear and barely 80 degrees.

Tell you what, this part of the world is F-L-A-T. Where there's no corn, you can see for what seems like 100 miles. I discovered that you can tell where the towns are by the water towers scattered around the horizon for miles. Even the power transmission lines look strange, strung together straight as an arrow and disappearing over the horizon. Just a strange perspective that I'm not used to.

We lost our three new riders before lunch today. Hopefully, we'll learn that they found their way home OK.

OK, actually we lost them because they have their rooms for the Milwaukee celebration tonight already. We'll catch up with them tomorrow, which is great because these guys are like a party on wheels and just a ton of fun. Great times on the road with good people. This is why we go to work the other 50 weeks.
Tomorrow is another short day, 40 miles into Chicago and another 80 or so to Milwaukee. I'm getting really stoked as we get closer. This is gonna be big...
Don't forget to use the link over there on the right and check out the pictures, which are up-to-date and tell the story so much better than my words.

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