Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today's Word is "Agriculture"

Now, let's use it in a sentence: When you ride through Indiana and Illinois, the only thing you will ever see on either side of the pavement is agriculture.

If corn was, say, $1 an ear retail, we saw first hand about $870 billion worth of it today. We had a long day, 350 miles plus the museum, plus two dealer stops trying to find a kickstand spring to replace the one Jeff bent when he bottomed out on the curb leaving the hotel in Columbus in the morning. We got off the old pike route in Indianapolis after lunch and made a beeline for Rt 66 in Lincoln, and stopped about 45 mins short of it here in Decatur IL, where ADM rules and and has a huge, mysterious industrial facility where they produce, uh, something. We didn't get in until after 7, and our watches were showing 8 before we adjusted them. That and the need to drink beer and get know our new friends better means the post is a little tardy. Sue me.

I did find out that Fred, Jeff, and Donna are not only good riders but great people. The "good riders" part means a lot because if you set out for 2500 miles with unknown people who you find out scare the hell out of you on their bikes, it's a long week. It has happened, but they're great company all the way around. Such a warm, fuzzy family we are. A motley crew for sure, but we're all having a great ride. The weather even cooperated for our marathon day; overcast and cool just about the whole day.

Tuesday we will hunt down the remains of the Mother Road on our way toward Chicago. Not a lot of miles at all on tap for today, and my Dad did the legwork setting up this leg. He will lead, and I will be along for the ride.

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