Saturday, August 30, 2008

Welcome Home

Surprised as I was about how much I liked Chicago, the appeal of our adopted home here has never left my mind from our first visit. Milwaukee doesn't quickly come to mind for most people as a prime vacation destination, but for those who know, this town boasts a wealth of culture, architecture, and ethnic diversity that rivals any. Best of all, though, is the hospitality shown by its people to guests. Milwaukeeans not only tolerate rowdy tourists lost in their city on their (often loud) Harleys, they genuinely embrace us and are proud to see the bikes that leave the factories here return home.

It's been nonstop since my last post, and as disappointed as I am that tonight is our last here, I'm kind of dragging my dead ass to the finish line. I don't know if I could last much longer! We watched the stunt riders and drill teams perform on Thursday, then caught Sugarland and Kid Rock. Crass though he is, he's a great talent and put on an awesome show. We had an authentic German dinner at Karl Ratsch's restuarant downtown, stayed up way too late drinking tequila, watched a Black Crowes show, took a ride to Greendale, flew the chapter flag in the parade this morning, and actually managed to get laundry done in there.

The parade was quite the experience and really demonstrates the hospitality shown by our hosts. An awesome moment we'll never forget. It was about 7,500 bike total and took nearly 3 hours.

I'm getting ready now to head back down and catch some more music, culminating with the Springsteen show at the "Roadhouse on the Lakefront." We haven't seen the "Racine gang" since Thursday and in fact our wagon train will be a lot smaller on the return trip as folks have different plans and arrival dates. I have not even thought about getting ready to leave tomorrow, and the room looks like a flea market. But that's details. For now, one last blast.

Welcome Home, indeed.


Connie said...

We actually checked your blog from Nova Scotia but you didnt have anything on it yet. Glad your having a good time.

Anonymous said...

Looks like I am missing a great event out there. Your updates are great.