Thursday, August 21, 2008

Road Trip v.2008

Welcome to Kevin's 2008 road trip travelogue. This year's adventure will be a return to Milwaukee for the celebration of Harley-Davidson's 105th Anniversary, and the 25th of the Harley Owners Group. A handful of members from our local chapter (Lehigh Valley, PA - woohoo!!) will be riding along, while others read from home. A shout out also to my MetLife colleagues who may be reading as well.

First, for new visitors, a little background. This blog goes back to 2006, but does little more than document my travels. The origin of its name, "Speedy's World," is detailed in the very first post, but basically it's derived from my e-mail address.

There is a link to the right for photo albums, which will fill up as we go. The photos on this page can be clicked directly to view larger versions. Some days there may be no updates, but I'll try to cover each day sooner or later.

The outbound trip will reprise parts of several previous rides, with some time for new discovery on the way home. The westbound route will include the historic National Road to Indianapolis, and the ghost of Route 66 into Chicago. We were in Milwaukee for the 100th, and it was literally like Woodstock. Harley-Davidson knows how to do two things extremely well; the second is throwing a party. The slate for this year's entertainment is incredible, and I'm already buzzing with anticipation. Our return trip will feature the National Air Force Museum, a day zooming along a twisty hill and valley route, and a ride up the Ohio River.

We leave Saturday morning for the 9-day ride, interrupted by 4 nights in a posh Milwaukee hotel.

Happy trails!

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